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About SecurePro

Anion Napkins lock upto 7 hours keep you fresh all time.

Anion chip will fight against bacteria.

Itching free as well as it’s help to  stop White discharge.

Soft like feathers-anion  chip will helip to maintain PH balance

Each pad contains super absorbent polymer that gives superior liquid retention.

No Leaks For You, Even On Your Heaviest Days.

Our Product

Sanitary Napkins Manufacturers in Hyderabad


1) Quantity:7 Pcs
MRP: Rs.35/-
2) Quantity:7 Pcs
Size:Extra Large
MRP: Rs.40/-

No Leaks For You,
Even On Your Heaviest Days.

Customer Reviews

Secure Pro sanitary napkins are very comfortable and convenient to use very different from the regular pads.


I have no fear of leakage or getting any rashes using SecurePro napkins as they are made of best quality .


The SecurePro Sanitary napkins are all about getting 100% stain protection to help you become unstoppable.


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